Trainingsweekend Emmeloord

"You have 10 minutes to put on your running clothes and the first team to be ready wins.” It is 5.30 Sunday morning and Rixt has just woken Ineke and me to a surprise morning session. It is the last day of the training weekend in Emmeloord. So far we have already done three sessions and my legs are dead, but when there are team competitions during the training you still do the sprints even though you are wearing a backpack filled with water bottles. winns the first competitions but then we get out of steam and the Palet Schilderwerken team can get the points. Still running, sprinting, planking, jumping at 6 am on a Sunday morning has it's charm.

Except this morning session we have been biking and inlining. And as if the weather was waiting for us this week's rain stopped and the sun has been shinning the whole time, resulting in a new nice tan line after the 70 km inlinesession...

It has been a nice weekend, not only trainings wise but also when not training with swimming in the pool, having a bbq, having a presentation about sports psychology and just hanging out with the team. Echt mooi!

Now I am at my grandparents' recovering after yet another great experience with training with the Schaatsmeiden. Can't wait to the next camp which will be biking in the French alps.